At the Health and Vitality Centre, we offer a range of massage services including deep tissue, sports therapy and pregnancy massage.

These can be part of a wider treatment process, or individually booked. For more information on which treatment is right for you, and to discuss available appointments please contact us.


25 Minute Massage – £31.50
55 Minute Massage – £57


Our massage therapists are soft tissue experts that help to relieve pain, enhance muscular relaxation and improve range of motion. They use a variety of techniques to stimulate the soft tissues of the body. Now massage is increasingly used to complement standard treatment especially in chiropractic practices, for a wide range of medical conditions.

Massage is an effective tool to reduce stress, it can effectively reduce pain & relieves muscular tension.

Therapeutic massage has the potential to affect nearly every system in the body. Many studies have shown benefits ranging from treating ongoing chronic disease and injuries to alleviating the tension and stress of modern lifestyles. We have found great results for conditions like these below, especially when coupled with chiropractic care;


􏰀  Back pain/sciatica, neck and shoulder pain including rotator cuff syndrome

􏰀  Strain, sprains and muscular tightness

􏰀  Chronic and acute pain

􏰀  Headaches/migraine

􏰀  Anxiety and stress

􏰀 Neuropathy

􏰀 Sports injuries

􏰀 Tennis elbow

􏰀 Carpal tunnel and connective-tissue injuries

􏰀 Circulatory problems include him oedema


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