6 Of The Best Gardening Tips For This Spring

6 Of The Best Gardening Tips For This Spring

Gardening season is upon us. This means increased physical activity for most getting the garden ready for those bbq’s or vegetable patches.

Below are some simples tips to help your back.

Stretching before and after gardening –  doing physical activity needs your muscles to be warmed up and stretched before hand to get those muscles ready for work, stretching after to help those hard working muscles not be too tight and uncomfortable.

Not everything needs doing on day 1 – think of your gardening session as running the marathon it isn’t a sprint it’s a slower process. Don’t try to do all your garden in 1 afternoon, take a few weekends to do it and maintain it rather than waiting for it to be a big job.

Altering your jobs – don’t spend all day bent over plant pots, change up jobs from cutting hedges to mowing the lawn this will help prevent your back getting irritated.

Staying hydrated – keeping your fluids up is very important to keep your body healthy and happy. On hotter days/increased exertion will mean more fluid should be consumed as you may loss more fluid through sweating.

Using correct tools – using the correct tools will prevent your chance of injury as you may strain more if using a tool that isn’t suitable.

Knowing your limits – rather than struggling carry a heavy pot get help and lift correctly from the knees to not strain the back. Making more trips with a wheel barrow rather than lifting one that is to heavy and can cause injury.

If you do feel that you have a lot to do in the garden and want to have your back checked before getting stuck in contact us today! The team are here ready to help you!


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