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Chiropractor & Business Owner

Hi I’m Paula Garcia, chiropractor and director at Health and Vitality Centre, welcome to you all. The centre provides professional, safe and effective chiropractic and osteopathic care for all ages.

I am registered with the General Chiropractic Council, as well as the Scottish Chiropractic Association, and have been involved in Chiropractic for over twenty years.

At the centre, treatment is given in comfortable relaxed surroundings to aid in your pathway back to health. As a chiropractor I aim to help you gain knowledge regarding your condition. I feel that ‘Knowledge is Power’ therefore the more you understand about your condition the better your overall recovery will be.

I believe that there are many factors incorporated in leading a healthy pain free life and I aim to give nutritional, lifestyle, ergonomic and exercise advice. This helps to educate and empower my guests to long term health, by offering a total package of care.

So, if your body is stopping you doing the things that you love due to pain and dysfunction, such as to getting back to a sport, exercise, gardening, being able to lift your children/grandchildren, feeling like ‘yourself’ again contact the centre to book an appointment. Don’t let pain ruin your quality of life. Do something about it today.




Hello, my name is Mike Garcia and I am Director of finance and compliance at Health and Vitality Centre.

I had always had a passion for health and fitness, over the years suffering recurring hip and leg issues through competitive sport. After many years of taking painkillers to get through I was treated to chiropractic which reduced my pain and problems significantly. I am now living a fit and competitively active life as a keen cyclist, hiker and climber.



Practice Manager

Hello, my name is Diane and I'm the new Practice Manager at The Health and Vitality Centre.

One of my greatest passions is that every day we are the best version of ourselves we can be on that day,  and I truly believe that this starts from within and that our Health and wellbeing plays a vital role.

I started my professional life as a dancer and teacher which took me to many fabulous places. This was followed by a long and enjoyable career within tourism, creating and developing holiday experiences for all. I learnt that I have a passion for people and to enabling learning in their everyday roles.

Having  travelled extensively, for work and pleasure,  I believe I have found my new home in my role at the centre.

I have a personal thirst for knowledge and learning, and as such have recently qualified to be a L2 gym instructor and my  Exercise to Music instructor is in progress.

When I'm not at the centre you'll find me at the Theatre, Gym, walking with friends (and their dogs), or spending quality time with my family.’

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Hello, my name is Chris I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing... I Studied Chiropractic at AECC Chiropractic College and Graduated in 1995, WHICH MEANS I HAVE OVER 28 years of practice. For years, my main mission has been to inspire people to take ‘self-health’ seriously, and see achieving optimal health as part of their Social Responsibility for a sustainable, peaceful planet Earth. ​

As a chiropractor I learned that the spine and nervous system can have a tremendous impact on general health. but I knew I wanted to do as much as i could for everyone I met, so I also studied nutrition, recommended exercises, and learned a thing or 2 about psychology too. What I’ve seen improve with chiropractic: blood pressure, blood sugar, rashes, PMS, menstrual pain, IBS - Pick any of those!

I treat all levels of pain, injuries and conditions, from a mild ache to extreme and recurring pain and I see GUESTS at every stage of their problem, from the first day of something new, to old and recurring issues. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Hi, my name is Sam, and I graduated from the AECC UC in 2023 and am a Manipulative Therapist here at HVC. I have trained in musculoskeletal techniques for 5 years and developed a special interest in biomechanics, allowing people to perform at their optimum function and in treating the paediatric population.

I first discovered chiropractic and musculoskeletal care when I was diagnosed with hypermobility at 13. I suffered from a variety of symptoms that came along with this, which affected my day-to-day life and ability to perform in school. I began with care twice weekly and gradually dropped it down as my symptoms improved; eventually, I had chiropractic and deep tissue sports massage once a month as maintenance care. Without this attention to my care and the support of the staff in that practice to perform my exercises and actively participate in my own healthcare, I would not be at the stage I am today. I am now comfortable in my body and day-to-day life and have a much more positive mindset.

I have many hobbies and like to interchange them weekly. I have participated in dance classes since I was 3 years old, played classical Spanish guitar and am an avid musical theatre nerd! I have recently picked up aerial yoga and bouldering, as I enjoy activities that push my boundaries beyond what I thought my body was capable of (I am slowly overcoming my fear of heights!). I also enjoy sewing, painting, and pottery, and have done these with my Granny since a young age.

I am always open to new suggestions for activities and days out – as much as I love routine, I find that trying new things is the best way to keep my life exciting!

I am really excited to work at the Health and Vitality Centre and join this team of knowledgeable, caring, and welcoming individuals. One thing that drew me to this practice is that everybody here truly cares about health and well-being in a similar way to me.

I look forward to meeting you, helping you obtain optimum function and getting that spring back into your step!

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Hi, I am Alex. I am originally from the beautiful island of Samos, Greece and I graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. I have always been passionate about the profession, the reason for that is I grew up in my dad’s clinic environment who is a holistic therapist, and it intrigued me that he helped so many people with his techniques and energy. I decided to dedicate my life to helping people like he does.

In my free time, I love going to the cinema, theatre and playing badminton. My favourite pastime is actually going to the gym. Looking forward to meeting you, and if you see me at the gym, don’t forget to say hi!

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Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Molly & I am part of the HVC Massage Therapy team. I am very passionate about guiding people to better health and I love to help others blossom into the best versions of themselves.

I play netball & have done since I was 12 years old. At University, I played for the netball team. I have always enjoyed playing netball to maintain my fitness and excel as an athlete, as well as loving the social aspect of being in the team.

Aside from netball, my favourite thing to do is to spend quality time with my family & friends at home or going out for dinner and drinks.

I am a graduate of Sports Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire and I have worked in a similar clinic to The Health & Vitality Centre before, but I have also treated at Charlton Athletic FC as a massage therapist.

I strongly believe that massage is an important way to help keep the body healthy & working to its full potential. I have witnessed the benefits personally, as massage has massively helped heal my physical injuries and also allowed my mind to refocus & relax.

Massage shouldn't be viewed as just a "spa treat"! It helps lower blood pressure, boosts your immune system and improves your quality of sleep. It also reduces swelling, increases flexibility within the muscles & allows the joints to move more freely.

It's an incredible release and something we should all make time for at least once a month if not weekly! I have also seen incredible benefits when treating people who suffer from migraines. I have released tension within the muscles from injuries, as well as arthritic pain, and even helped reduce fatigue.



Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Aaron Lewis I am a sports physiotherapist and massage therapist with a BSC HONS degree in sports therapy.

I am passionate about helping my guests live their best life. From caring for them with a relaxing massage to helping them preparing for a professional competition, I love it equally. I myself train and compete at Thai Boxing and benefit from massage regularly.

One of my most rewarding health transformations I have helped with was at a specialised clinic rehabilitating children with cerebral palsy pre & post operation. During my time there I got to help a young boy named Tom walk without his apparatus for the first time after a few weeks of rehab.



Centre Assistant

Hello, I’m Gemma. I started working at the Health and Vitality Centre the start of this year and have been welcomed with open arms from the lovely team.

I previously owned a dog grooming salon for 9 years which I am very proud of.

I recently had a little girl and have now found the perfect work life balance at the Health and Vitality Centre.

In my spare time I love to take my little Yorkshire Terrier Cross on long walks with the family and go swimming with my little girl.



Centre Assistant

Hello, my name is Donna, I am one of the newest Centre Assistants here at the Health and Vitality Centre, I am so happy to be part of the amazing team and excited to meet all our lovely guests. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, yoga, getting stuck into a good book and taking my cockapoo out for walks.



Centre Assistant

Hello, Zara here.  I joined HVC in November 2019 as a Centre Assistant and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic team and business.  I really enjoy gardening, cooking, pilates (looking after my own wellbeing) and travelling.  After 30+ years working full time, I now have the perfect life balance with my job here at HVC and having time for myself, family and friends.  I could not be happier.  I have already met many amazing guests and I look forward to meeting many more.

Erin about us


Centre Assistant

Hi, I’m Erin and I couldn’t be happier to be apart of such an amazing team.

Prior to working for HVC, I have worked in various administration roles and I am glad I have managed to find the perfect balance working here, due to having my daughter Willow.

During my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy going on long walks or going to the gym.



Chiropractic Assistant

Hi my name is Urszula and I am Polish.

I have lived in UK 19 years and I have two beautiful girls Julia and Maja.

I studied Marketing and Management and gained a Masters degree in Bialystok University in Poland. My passions are many including Athletics. I have been coaching for the Herts Phoenix AC where both my daughters are members. Aside from my passion for physical fitness cardio and weights I enjoy skiing cooking and travel...oh and I love to party with old and new friends alike !



Centre Assistant

Hi, I’m Sam one of the Centre Assistant here at the Health and Vitality Centre. I am approaching my first year at the Health and Vitality Centre and I have loved being part of such a wonderful and lovely team. Like Lili, I started off in an administrative role on the days the centre was closed. Now I spend my Saturdays greeting you lovely guests whilst continuing with the background administration role!

I am currently in the first year of my A-Levels, studying Maths, Biology, and Chemistry, and hope to achieve a degree in pharmacology in the future, as the sciences that surrounds all our lives is simply fascinating to me.

My favourite animal has to be cats, as I have a 13 year-old ginger cat named DG, but I love all animals and would love to see all of yours too!