About Us

Our Intention Statement

We are a team of passionate Health Care Professionals, who are dedicated to nurturing whole families back to Optimal Health and Vitality.

We provide:

  • Bespoke care packages
  • Exceptional Service
  • World Class Expertise.

Guests are at the Heart of everything we do and our reputation and reviews reflect this. We feel so strongly about this we are happy to state –

We have such confidence in our ability to care for you that, If you don’t feel that we have done everything possible to care for you here in a treatment session. We will refund you for that treatment. We are so confident to state that because in over 7 years it has never been required.



Chiropractor & Business Owner

Hi I’m Paula Garcia, chiropractor and director at Health and Vitality Centre, welcome to you all. The centre provides professional, safe and effective chiropractic and osteopathic care for all ages.

I am registered with the General Chiropractic Council, as well as the Scottish Chiropractic Association, and have been involved in Chiropractic for over twenty years.

At the centre, treatment is given in comfortable relaxed surroundings to aid in your pathway back to health. As a chiropractor I aim to help you gain knowledge regarding your condition. I feel that ‘Knowledge is Power’ therefore the more you understand about your condition the better your overall recovery will be.

I believe that there are many factors incorporated in leading a healthy pain free life and I aim to give nutritional, lifestyle, ergonomic and exercise advice. This helps to educate and empower my guests to long term health, by offering a total package of care.

So, if your body is stopping you doing the things that you love due to pain and dysfunction, such as to getting back to a sport, exercise, gardening, being able to lift your children/grandchildren, feeling like ‘yourself’ again contact the centre to book an appointment. Don’t let pain ruin your quality of life. Do something about it today.




Hello, my name is Mike Garcia and I am Director of finance and compliance at Health and Vitality Centre.

I had always had a passion for health and fitness, over the years suffering recurring hip and leg issues through competitive sport. After many years of taking painkillers to get through I was treated to chiropractic which reduced my pain and problems significantly. I am now living a fit and competitively active life as a keen cyclist, hiker and climber.



Practice Manager

Hello, my name is Diane and I'm the new Practice Manager at The Health and Vitality Centre.

One of my greatest passions is that every day we are the best version of ourselves we can be on that day,  and I truly believe that this starts from within and that our Health and wellbeing plays a vital role.

I started my professional life as a dancer and teacher which took me to many fabulous places. This was followed by a long and enjoyable career within tourism, creating and developing holiday experiences for all. I learnt that I have a passion for people and to enabling learning in their everyday roles.

Having  travelled extensively, for work and pleasure,  I believe I have found my new home in my role at the centre.

I have a personal thirst for knowledge and learning, and as such have recently qualified to be a L2 gym instructor and my  Exercise to Music instructor is in progress.

When I'm not at the centre you'll find me at the Theatre, Gym, walking with friends (and their dogs), or spending quality time with my family.’




Hi, I’m Helen and I am a new member of the Health and Vitality Team. I trained as an Osteopath as a second career, and in doing so, have found my true purpose and direction in life. I believe that Osteopathy and Chiropractic can help everyone from acute injuries through to improving posture, reducing chronic pain, and maintaining your body’s optimum functionality.

I’ve been very fortunate enough to have lived overseas in Russia, South Africa and, most recently, the south of France – I speak a little basic French, but am very rusty! I love to travel and have an ever-expanding bucket list of places to visit. I am also very interested in history and can often be
found in the British Museum or the V&A on my days off.

I have a pet tortoise called Darwin – he is a Hermann’s tortoise who came to live with me earlier this year. He loves to climb and is always getting himself stuck in tight places he is too big for! I am a big animal lover, especially dogs so please let me know if you have one!

My first degree was in Film and so I am a big film buff – but please don’t ask me to list my favourites as that would be impossible!

I have been practicing yoga for the last 10+ years and have found it to be a big influence on my Osteopathic adjustments – I integrate breathing in to my adjustments, and have a particular interest in respiratory and diaphragmatic dysfunctions. I came to Osteopathy after returning from France and deciding I wanted to find a new direction for my life and career. I visited an Osteopath for a neck problem and headaches that I had been suffering from due to poor posture and stress. I was treated with a combination of structural and cranial Osteopathy and, quite simply, had a revelation…I realised that Osteopathy was my calling. I enlisted at the College of Osteopaths and worked hard throughout the 5 year degree, alongside continuing to work for the NHS – firstly at a GP Surgery, and then at The Royal London Hospital.

I feel privileged to be in the position to bring Osteopathy to the guests at Health and Vitality and am looking forward to meeting you all very soon.



Massage Therapist

Hello my name is Will and I am delighted to be a new member of the Health and Vitality Centre.

I have always been very sporty from a young age and I knew that whatever career I chose I wanted it to be related to sport or health and fitness in some way shape or form.

I loved massage from the very first day I was taught and the rest is history! Sports and massage therapy is not only just my passion but I genuinely want to provide the best care and treatment achievable for my guests and I deeply believe in the amazing benefits of massage for all.

I have vast experience providing massage to a variety of people from different backgrounds and settings including college sports academies, my university clinic and elite professional football with Stevenage F.C.

Outside of my career my other passions include rugby, formula 1, music and I have a great love for animals! If my head isn’t buried in a good book, you will find me at a music festival or gig. I cherish spending time with family and friends or simply living life to the full.


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Massage Therapist
Originally from a small town in Essex, but I was lured by the bright lights of London to experience a bit more of life. Which I got in droves.
Fascinated by the complexities and variations of the human experience, my first love is people. Having always had an awareness of the healing quality of touch, massage is giving me the setting in which to explore both the privilege of connection and the effects such treatment can have on every system of the body.
Being a full-time firefighter of 15+ years, has brought to the fore how vital it is that we regularly make time to give our body, mind and spirit what is needed to be the best we can be, enabling us to confidently and comfortably face whatever challenges life brings.
When I'm not working I like to spend time hanging around at the trapeze and aerial arts club where I study the aerial silks. I also like to lose myself on the sofa with a good book!


Centre Assistant & Social Media Administrator

Hi, my name’s Lili! I started here at HVC at the beginning of March, but only working on the days when the centre was closed. I began my role with administrative work but have now grown to be very involved with the centre’s marketing and social media. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, then a lot of the posts you see on there will be uploaded by me! I have a passion for content creation, so this suits my interests very well. In my spare time I run my own cosmetics & beauty-oriented Instagram and YouTube channel.

My role has since further developed into becoming a part time Centre Assistant as well! I feel very lucky to be involved with so many areas of the business and to not only contribute to the running of the centre behind the scenes, but also meet guests face-to-face and play a front-facing part in the centre. This also allows me to see how everything joins up!

I, like many of my colleagues here, also have a love for animals. At home I have a 12-year-old ginger cat and an Italian Greyhound/Whippet Cross puppy who’s less than a year old. I volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Namibia back in 2015 which, to this day, remains a huge highlight of my life experiences!



Centre Assistant

Hi, my name is Beth. I have been a centre assistant at the Health and Vitality Centre for over five years now and love being part of such a great team of practitioners. I am a mum of two lovely girls and I enjoy running around after them. I have a passion for animals and love to keep fit.



Centre Assistant

Hello, Zara here.  I joined HVC in November 2019 as a Centre Assistant and am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic team and business.  I really enjoy gardening, cooking, pilates (looking after my own wellbeing) and travelling.  After 30+ years working full time, I now have the perfect life balance with my job here at HVC and having time for myself, family and friends.  I could not be happier.  I have already met many amazing guests and I look forward to meeting many more.