Back pain in the morning

Back pain in the morning

Why do I get back pain in the morning?

Back pain in the morning is often quite a common complaint. If you have back pain every morning we suggest you seek treatment. The pain may affect your entire back or it may be the lower back. But if it’s every morning then it is cause for concern. Your back contains bones, joints, nerves and muscles. This complex structure can sometimes make it difficult to source the specific pain. Sometimes constant back pain in the morning is caused by serious injuries or disease yet it can also be caused by minor strains, sprains and irritated nerves.  A lot of different daily activities you carry out may be affecting your back, for example; pulling, lifting, carrying, pushing heavy objects, twisting, slouching and sitting in a position for too long. These can all lead to back pain without you even realising. Those that are most at risk of back pain include overweight, smokers, pregnant women, people on certain medications, those who suffer with depression, and those who are under stress.

The issues

Some people may not think much of back pain in the morning. It can be so minor that it slips to the back of your head, yet it can be very frustrating when the pain recurs each and every day. When the pain starts to ease of throughout the day, some people may tend to believe it’s something as simple as the way in which they have slept. Though this is not always the case. Some serious conditions that lead to low back pain include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and ankylosing spondylitis. One problem tends to lead to another and in the end it is much better to deal with the first symptoms of back pain as early as possible. Some people believe that morning back pain is only in the morning, yet this is not true – It is there all day. The body’s natural painkillers create numbness but eventually towards the evenings fatigue catches up and the pain flares up again. People also tend to believe that back pain is just normal and comes with age or lifestyle.

How can we help?

Chiropractors can help patients with low back pain in the morning. When lying on the back at night, the hips “do not have adequate extension range of motion” and “the tightness in the hips will tug or pull on the lower back” causing pain. Overtime this stiffness is what causes the pain.  Swimming and walking are a great form of exercise when performed correctly. They are food for the back to build healthy joints.  Cycling can lead to an awkward position for the spine and running may be too much impact. It’s also important to stay fully hydrated at all times and consider supplements or making a dietary change. Chiropractic care can really help. Treatment methods include spinal manipulation, manual manipulation, and mobilization to increase range-of-motion.

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