Banana Pancakes

You like Banana. You Like Eggs. You like Pancakes. What if i were to tell you that you could have pancakes with just the two ingredients just mentioned? I know, i know….it’s mind blowing! A healthy snack for fitness freaks, toddler friendly and just ruddy nice these pancakes are really a god send and so easy to make, all you need is one banana and two eggs

Step one – Peel bapancakenana and mash it in a small bowl until there are no large lumps left                                               Step two – Whisk eggs thoroughly until the yolks and eggs are completely combined                                                     Step three – Mix the two ingredients together and give another whisk                                                                         Step four – Pour the contents onto your desired cooking device (pan, tray etc) and leave to cook             pancake2                      Step five – Cook for around 1 minute, until the bottom starts to brown and middle starts to become firmer                       Step six – flip pancake onto the other side and let it cook for around one minute                                                                          Step seven – take off the griddle and proceed to have a party in your mouth with some delicious healthy pancakes.

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