Beat Headaches Once and For All

Beat Headaches Once and For All


There are multiple different types of headaches all of which can leave you feeling cranky.

Research has found that your brain isn’t what hurts as it has no nerve endings however outside the brain has many nerve endings which send signals of pain = headache.

Headaches are categorised into 3 types:

Primary – those not associated with an underlying pathology, e.g migraine, tension, cluster.

Secondary – These are usually caused because of something else such as illness, allergy or a trauma to the head.

Chronic – occurs on more than 15 days out of a month for 3 months.

Cluster headaches

These headaches come in a cluster meaning the attacks come on like clockwork. Often people experience bouts of attacks then have symptom free periods. Research has found that during a cluster headache the hypothalamus undergoes increased activity. The pain is usually described as a sharp/burning pain on one side often in the temporal area with a rapid onset.

Cervicogenic headaches

This is caused by an irritation in the cervical spine (neck). These are often felt at the back of the skull spreading upwards accompanied with severe pain, nausea, throbbing and photophobia. These seem to be the most common type of chronic headache.

Tension headaches

Moderate band like tightness/pressure most intense over eyebrows. These types of headaches generally come on due to triggers such as cold temperatures, eye straining, poor posture or stress. These can be differentiated from a migraine as they rarely are accompanied by nausea/vomiting.


There are several types of migraines including ones with an aura which is warning signs just before the headache begins such as visual changes e.g flashing lights. However, there are also migraines without an aura where there are no specific signs. The exact cause of migraines is still unknown but it is thought to be an effective of homeostasis in the brain being altered, which may be due to triggers such as lights, stress, lack of sleep or foods. Generally, people find going to sleep in a dark room the best to relieve an attack. The pain is often severe pulsating pain, vomiting and can be disabling.

Don’t suffer in silence! Many forms of headaches are successfully treated by osteopathy and chiropractic care. Call today and see how health and vitality can help you with your headaches.

By Paige Barnard


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