Coaching & Workshops

We offer coaching and workshops to support your journey to better wellbeing.

Our wonderful Practice Manager Laura also runs her own Coaching and Training Consultancy and has been working with individuals, teams and organisations over the last 15 years in the areas of Leadership, Wellbeing, Resilience and Positive Psychology. We are excited to be partnering with Laura to offer this amazing service to our guests.



Click here to find out which workshops are currently scheduled this spring.

Take a look at what others say:

  • "I found the session extremely illuminating in building more of an insight into my own wellbeing. In particular, I found the techniques in dealing with self-talk very helpful"
  • "The course allowed me to learn more about myself and how to look after and deal with stressful situations"
  • "The workshop has made me question some of the techniques / lifestyle choices I make and consider how my wellbeing / resilience could be improved"
  • “I would recommend for anyone who is feeling stuck in their life or is aware that their mental health may need a boost”


Whether you are frustrated by a lack of motivation, finding it difficult to keep all the plates spinning or struggling to maintain emotional stability right now - it doesn't mean you have to stay stuck here.

Don’t be put off that coaching isn’t affordable for everyone. Click here for a price enquiry.

Laura has over 10 years’ experience coaching individuals in a personal and professional capacity - leading to greater control, confidence, life balance and happiness.

She creates a confidential and safe space to explore those things that matter to you, helping to equip you with all you need to thrive (rather than just survive).

If you need some dedicated, tailored support, perhaps a 90-minute session with Laura could be the answer? But why not hear what others say?

  • "If you feel stuck, if you need motivation, if you know there is a challenge but are not sure of what it is or how to get around it, Laura will help you see it and overcome it"
  • "Laura helped me move from a person who was so conditioned by my own subconscious interpretation of various life events, to a place where I became much stronger and more aware of where and what I want to be, do and have in my life"
  • "I was going through a difficult time in my life and lacking clarity and direction. I approached Laura for her expertise and guidance and went through a life changing process"

Booking is easy! Click here to organise a short call with Laura so that she can understand your current needs and agree a specific time that’s convenient to you to begin your coaching journey. Sessions are delivered on Zoom, so you can be in the comfort of your own home!