Compression shorts and running

Compression shorts and running

Time after time a new gimmick comes onto the market that will help to make athletes stronger or faster or help your average Joe get that little bit better. One such product available at the moment are compression shorts. Similar to cycling shorts they are form-fitting shorts that almost every large sports company are producing. Compression shorts have become popular, popping up in most competitive sports, and with good reason. Studies have shown that compression shorts help with a few issues with few side effects making them a good choice for people who run for exercise.

Why wear them?

Properly fitting compression shorts have been shown to have various benefits during running. One study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that compression shorts increase circulation and decrease muscle oscillation, making movement more efficient therefore requiring less energy expenditure. When compression shorts are worn after athletic activity, they have been shown to decrease recovery time.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts do have some drawbacks, but none is associated with significant medical risks. When worn during athletic activity, compression shorts increase the core body temperature. The effects of this may be minimal in an air-conditioned environment, but if you’re running outdoors you should be conscious of this and make an effort to stay hydrated. Although studies have shown various benefits of wearing compression shorts, they have not been shown to improve athletic performance.



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