The Core

The Core

What is the core?

Your core muscles are your four abdominal muscle groups – the transversus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, and rectus abdominis. Back muscles, too, are included in the core group – specifically the erector spinae, longissimus thoracis, and multifidus. These groups of muscles are used to help support your spinal system. The importance of the core muscles is their ability to provide a “centre” or focus for the physical work your body is doing. If your core is not strong enough,other muscles will have to take over, increasing the risk of injury.core 1


Why do we need core fitness today?

More and more, our work lives and home lives involve sitting down and as a society we are becoming increasingly sedentary. We stare at computer screens for hours and hours a day. Instead of doing physical work a large number of jobs are becoming more desk and computer based. We sit staring down at our phone and playing computer games. The long-term result is that muscles, tendons, and ligaments lost their integrity, we get tight neck muscles, tight lower back muscles, and weak abdominal muscles, and these issues lead to more serious problems such as chronic headaches, cardiovascular stress, impaired digestion and even illnesses you wouldn’t associate with physical problems such as depression.core 2

Coupled with your chiropractic care, core training can have phenomenal results. Moods will improve, you will be sleeping better and you will feel healthier (it could even add a few cms to your height too!).


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