Dry Needling-What’s The Point?

Dry Needling-What’s The Point?

What is it? Does it hurt? Can it help me?


Dry needling uses thin filiform needles that penetrate the soft tissue. These types of needles are thin, flexible strong needles with a rounded tip compared to needles used for injections which are larger having an opening to allow blood/medication to be passed through, they also have a sharp end to pierce the vein wall. The needles used are single use disposable needles each coming in pre-sterilised protective plastic tubes.

Dry needling differs from acupuncture in that dry needling a science based intervention for the treatment of pain and dysfunction in musculoskeletal problems, whereas acupuncture works along traditional Chinese meridians.  Both are similar in the needles which are used.

Dry needling should not be painful, a small scratch may be felt on insertion but most people feel nothing at all. Once the needle is on a trigger point/area of tension some tightness may be felt much like when a practitioner is pressing in the area. A trigger point is a highly sensitive region within a muscle, once this area has been addressed function improves resulting in the area feeling better. When the needle touches this area, it can cause a twitch which is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. The needle causes message to be sent to the brain which provokes the inflammatory process to lead to a sequence of events causing damaged tissue to be replaced/repaired with healthy tissue.

Dry needling is very effective in releasing trigger points, assists healing, effects scar tissue and pain relief.  It compliments osteopathy and chiropractic treatment by working on the superficial tissues.

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Photo – Paige dry needling a guest at the Health and Vitality Centre


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