Happy healthy babies

Happy healthy babies

If you haven’t visited us in the clinic this week then you may have missed our education of the week. This week Beth talks about chiropractic care on babies and infants. (photo credit: Mike Wolfle) 

How can Chiropractic care help babies and young infants?

Chiropractic care can help infants that are in discomfort and struggling to breastfeed, sleep, suffering with colic, irritability, and ear infections. The delivery process, especially a difficult one, can negatively affect the infant and cause neurological problems and/or underlying health problems. The birth process places great physical stress on the infants head, neck and entire spine. This stress can cause misalignments in the infant’s spine and possible interference with their nervous system function and overall health.

Cranial bones may misalign during the birth process, altering the shape of the infant’s head. Such misalignment impacts the infant’s jaw and mouth leading to breastfeeding issues. By working with the cranium, upper cevical spine and sacrum your chiropractor is able to balance their systems. Infant care is specific and requires special training and equipment. As with adults, every health condition found in infants can be related back to a specific nerve involvement. Chiropractors use gentle adjustments specific to the infant’s spine to remove subluxations (a misaligned vertebra which interferes with the nerve impulse) before they have lasting negative effects. Chiropractic revives the body’s own inborn healing ability naturally– without drugs or surgery and super safe for all our precious babies.

By Beth Bull, CA.


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