Hidden Sugar – ‘healthy’ not always healthy

The kids are off for summer now and we know that lots of parents are determined that this year they WILL be eating healthy. The cupboards and fridges are stocked with nutitious snacks and juices and all the rubbish has been chucked to get rid of any needless sugar. However it is the hidden sugar that you need to keep an eye out for fruit juices, “healthy” cereal, granola, canned fruit, snack bars, dried fruit, fruit-flavoured yoghurts, soups, and many items marked as ‘low-fat’ or ‘diet’ are all high in sugar. A big tip would be to look at the labels of the things you buy and see whats actually in them and even better, if it doesnt have an ingredients list at all would be even better! Another trick to keep an eye out for is not just the inclusion of sugars but the ‘ose’ family – dextrose and a number of other additives such as glucose, maltose, fructose, sucrose. SO good luck this summer holiday!


And now for no reason except the title at all here is Maroon 5 with there song sugar


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