How to drink more water

How to drink more water

Why is water so good for us?

It seems to be of common knowledge nowadays that water is efficient and healthy for our bodies in order for them to fully function. There’s endless amounts of reasoning as to why we should all be drinking more of it. Water is so natural yet provides us with so much ENERGY. The major cause of fatigue and weakness in our day to day lives is actually caused by dehydration. Proper hydration helps maintain clear thinking and better concentration.  Consuming enough water also hydrates and helps with HEALTHY SKIN . It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and it flushes toxins out of your body. Another physical effect that water can have on our bodies is weight loss. Did you know that most of us spend our days dehydrated? Well, we do, with up to 75% of Americans suffering from chronic dehydration! Water is vital to so many of your bodily functions, and before you complain about indigestion, headaches, achy joints or even a cough you should ask yourself if you’re hydrated.

How to drink more water

START SMALL – It can be hard to go from drinking next to no water to drinking the daily recommended amount. Start small and gradually increase how much of it you’re drinking each week. Try perhaps one pint a day and increase it by another pint each week until you’ve reached your personal goal.

BUY A PRETTY WATER BOTTLE – It may sound like something rather insignificant but it can help. If you purchase a new water bottle then it’ll encourage you to drink what is in it! (Water!).

TRACK IT – It’s easy to lose count of exactly how much water your consuming, or think you’re drinking more than you actually are. Another simple way to track your hydration is a piece of washi tape on your pretty new water bottle! Use a marker and you can tick off what you’re drinking during the day.  If you don’t have some washi tape then use a little notebook and do the same.

SET GOALS – Little goals such as telling yourself you can’t have that last square of chocolate before you’ve had a certain amount of water. This will encourage you along your way. It’s also a nice idea to set larger goals, write them down and then tick them off once completed. This’ll feel good and make you realise that you are achieving.

ADD FLAVOUR – If you find the taste of water bland and boring then try adding a fruit slice or two. A nice little slice of lemon can make your water seem more appealing. Why not spice it up a little and add a strawberry slice or an orange slice!

Do you have any more tips on how to drink more water? Let us know!


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