The Importance of a Good Foundation

The Importance of a Good Foundation

Feet-and-Ankle-Chiropractic-CareThe average person walks around 115,000 miles in their lifetime. That’s the equivalent of going around the world four and a half times!

Obviously your feet work extremely hard, and like the foundations of a house, they support the weight of everything above them. It makes sense, then, to say that the mechanics of your foot joints will affect the rest of your body. Something as simple as change in how you walk, caused by pain or other issues, will set off a chain reaction of differences in your posture. This puts stress on joints higher up in your body, most notably your knees, hips, pelvis, back and neck, and can lead to further issues like nerve damage and arthritis.

One easy way to take care of your feet is to wear the right shoes. The best shoes for you to wear should have a broad, low heel, an upper made from natural materials so your foot can breathe, and touch fastenings like laces or Velcro straps to provide support. Shoes to be avoided include high heels, which force your body into an unnatural posture, and very flat shoes that offer your feet no support.

This last month, our chiropractor Dr Paula Garcia attended Paul Harridines orthotics and gait assessment course for further learning in this area. In honour of her newly developed skills, this month’s promotion at Herts & Beds Chiropractichas everything to do with feet!

All throughout November, we’re offering a FREE footand gait assessment. If you or anybody you know suffers from foot pain or other foot related problems, take advantage of this fantastic offer. Ring us on 08451088533 soyou can feel better from the ground upwards!


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