In-Clinic Health Screening

These are designed for those whom are not sure if what they are struggling with, Chiropractic and Osteopathy can help with.

About 8 times a year we hold:

Free In clinic health and posture checks.

Perfect for post Lockdown as it has has been tough on all our bodies, both mentally and physically. As restrictions lift, it is important that we focus on our health and come out of lockdown fighting fit!

Our expert team of Doctors of Chiropractic and Osteopathy will look to identify abnormalities or dysfunction that may be occurring in or around your spine. They will take the time to assess any postural issues you may have and will discuss if there is any underlying issues that may respond to treatment.

We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions and that optimum health can be achieved, if the right time and effort is put in.


There are FIVE key body signals that would indicate its time to check your spine:

1. Back Pain that doesn't go away

2. Frequent migraines and headaches

3. Sleeping problems

4. Stiffness & lack of flexibility

5. Lack of energy


You Will Learn:

• How good and bad posture impact you and your body beyond pain

• Which anatomical structures are causing any pain

• Ways to safely and effectively manage any spinal symptoms


What happens in a free health and posture check?

We conduct some case history notes, have a feel of your spine to see if it is functioning well and with ease, carrying out mobility and range of motion tests to analyse and help us assess further.

We then report back to you what we have identified and if Chiropractic and Osteopathy can help. If they can’t you can be rest assured we will direct you to the best professional whom will be able to.


Who is this event for?

This event is for EVERYONE, but specifically for anybody who has spinal related issues and suffers from back pain that doesn’t go away, consistent headaches and migraines, sleeping issues, stiffness and lack of flexibility or a lack of energy.


When should I have my spine checked?

There is no better time than now! It’s important to know what pain is common for you and what pain is abnormal. When your everyday aches and pains become more intense, it’s definitely time to see a specialist, but why wait until it gets to that point? Spine health begins with you, and the first step is being attentive to something that is out of the ordinary. Back pain and the symptoms of bad posture should not stop you from living your life or keep you from the activities that you love. By recognising the above problems, you are already taking a proactive step toward your spine health!

EVERYONE is welcome, so come along and enjoy free healthy snacks and treats as you check your body is happy and healthy.

So click here to register your interest in the next free spinal health check consultation or contact us to book in for your full initial consultation. At 50% off.

See what our clients have to say:

Due to some persistent chronic health problems I decided to visit the Health & Vitality Centre for some treatment. I had heard about the clinic from a friend of mine who has also been there. I have been consistently impressed by the high level of service provided with a professional, friendly and experienced chiropractor in Paula.


“I was in constant discomfort, I couldn’t sit comfortably on the train everyday on my commute to work or sit at my desk comfortably. Picking up my baby and holding her for any length of time was very difficult. I could never relax due to that constant niggle of pain.

The treatment has provided long-term pain relief, I feel so much better within myself! I can go to work, exercise again and have a social life without that constant discomfort!”


I’ve been driving past the centre for over 20 years, I’ve watched it grow and develop into what it is now.
I have suffered with a bad back for about 30 years now and did nothing about it!
I kept driving past thinking one day I’ll drop in and see what they could be done to help, as the years past my back was slowly was getting worse and worse until one day I finally decided enough is enough.
Well all I can say is I should of done this years ago!
I explained my problem and how I was suffering, I had my consultation, my coarse of treatment was fully explained to me and my step by step plan began.
After my course of treatment by the most kindest most welcoming and professional team, I am happy to say I am suffering no more!
So, if you know someone who is suffering or thinking of treatment send them here they most definitely wont regret it.
I would like to thank everyone at the centre for your kindness professionalism and treatment that has given me back a quality of life.