Leaving on a jetplane!

While travel picks up with warmer weather approaching, much planning comes into play to make trips smooth and uneventful. You’ll probably plan what you’ll wear, what books to pack and those necessary hygiene items like your toothbrush and deodorant. But don’t forget to consider what you can do to avoid lower back pain too.

  1. 1. As you pack that suitcase you’ll be lugging around pack strategically. Try to keep any heavy items packed so they’ll be close to your body when you’re walking with your luggage. This way you won’t be as likely to lean forward placing strain on your back and shoulders.
  2. If you’ll be walking with a suitcase for any amount of time try to get a luggage rack to roll it on or use the strap to pull your suitcase if it comes equipped with wheels on the bottom. If you’ll be taking carry on bags try to evenly distribute the weight of your items you’ll be carrying. A backpack is a great option as a carry on bag as it can be strapped to both shoulders but remember to keep the straps taut so the bag won’t hang any lower than the bottom of your back.annoyed-passenger
  3. If you’ll be sitting for any length of time, whether it be on a plane, bus or car then make sure you have a comfortable seat that provides adequate lumbar support. If your seat curves inward then you may need to bring a small pillow or rolled towel to give you the support you need for a comfortable ride. If your feet aren’t touching the ground either, you may need to adjust your seat so that you are sitting upright, with your knees bent at a nearly 90 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. This is the optimal poterrible-passengersition to sit in that will decrease the stress on your back.
  4. After any amount of travel, a visit to the chiropractor may be in order, but your degree of back pain should be far less because of travel. In order to make your travel as pleasant as possible, make sure your physical needs are a part of your travel preparation as well as your toothbrush.


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