Great Tips For Symptoms Of The Menopause

Great Tips For Symptoms Of The Menopause

Menopause/the change is an unavoidable natural part of life that every woman must go through. Some woman are lucky enough to have very little symptoms but some ladies can find it very distressful with all the symptoms that can accompany it. This is a time in every woman’s life when her periods stop as the ovaries lose their reproductive function. This commonly occurs between 45-55; however, in some cases this can happen younger and is referred to as the premature menopause.


This menopause if influenced by a change in hormone levels known collectively as oestrogen, which is mostly produced in the ovaries although small amounts are also produced in the adrenal glands. As woman age their store of eggs in the ovaries decrease and therefore the ability to reproduce diminishes.

Monthly cycles tend to stop completely around the age of 50-55 meaning no more periods – the menopause. For every woman symptoms/severity and feelings may all differ as the experience is very personal to every individual.

The reduction in the oestrogen production can affect different parts of the body such as the skins elasticity, the brain and wellbeing. Symptoms may include but aren’t restricted to hot sweats, itchy skin, urinary tract infections, sleeplessness and irritability.


A healthy lifestyle can minimise the effects of menopause and help to heart and bones stay strong.

Having a healthy diet is key so ensuring foods rich in vitamin D and calcium are consumed and avoiding foods high in saturated fats and salts will help keep blood pressure low and help the heart staying healthier.

Regular exercise it is recommended by the world health organisation (WHO) that adults complete 150 minutes of exercise per week as this reduces the chance of fracture and heart disease but also will promote a healthier body mass.

Reducing stress by having time to yourself or breathing/relaxation exercises which can help with copy with anxiety/ depression caused by hormone imbalances.

Reducing smoking and alcohol consumption as both can increase hot flushes and the former can also result in higher risks of osteoporosis.


How can we help?

The menopause symptoms are endless and here at the health and vitality centre we can help with many of them, for example achy muscles and joints, reduced range of motion, relieving body of stress that can build from hormonal changes and also give advice and recommendations on other symptoms too.

Treatment can also have a powerful effect on the nervous system and its balance, for example if an area in the upper neck is restricted it could influence the brain function and the nervous system; therefore, by helping this area move more freely it can help promote an equilibrium.

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