Moving House

Moving House

Moving House

I myself have recently moved house and I was surprised with the amount of stress it caused not only mentally but also physically. Please see my blog below and see if you can come through the other end unscathed!

Moving house can be a pain in the neck but make sure you don’t get any pains when that moving day comes around. Below are some simple tips to keep you safe.

Making sure your boxes aren’t to heavy or big. If you can divide boxes up so they are more manageable and do more runs, if its not possible to do this with some things then get help don’t strain yourself and injure yourself.

Squatting down to pick boxes up no matter their weight will prevent you putting too much pressure on the back. Imagine you have a pole down your spine and so bend the knees and hips rather than the back to get low. Also try not to extend (bend backwards) when carrying as this can put increased pressure on your facet (spinal) joints and cause discomfort.

Avoiding broken fingers and toes is a must. Making sure boxes are sturdy enough to hold what’s in them and not overfilling them will prevent broken boxes and things falling out the bottom onto your toes. Making sure boxes are held properly and making sure you know where you are putting them will help prevent you putting the box down on your fingers.

Keeping paths clear which you are going to use to carry boxes is very important to prevent falls which would result in injuries. Be sure not to put boxes in rooms where you will be returning to with other boxes and may not see the ones on the floor in the middle.

Good clothing is key as gloves can help give you better grip and protect skin from cuts/scraps. Clothing that allows you to have movement but aren’t too baggy and could get caught will prevent injury. Footwear with good protection that are closed toes are a must.

Taking regular breaks will help to prevent the body from fatiguing and causing discomfort or injury. Staying replenished and hydrated will ensure your body can work properly and get that energy it needs to do lots of work.

By Paige Barnard


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