Spinal Awareness Week

The UCA (united chiropractic association) is a body that represents chiropractors, including us, throughout the UK. From 11th -15th of May 2015 they have organised spinal awareness week, with the theme – ‘move better live better’. Here at HBC we have decided to extend it throughout May and make it spinal awareness month.

‘One of the leading causes of death in the elderly is falling, nearly one in thre11244404_10152909077701733_3490581647321116972_ne elderly adults falls every year with approximately 35% being hospitalised as a direct result of their fall. These tragedies could be prevented through proper postural corrections that have shown to improve balance. As you age, positive attitudes about lifestyle changes can vastly improve your quality of life.’ – United Chiropractic association

As UCA chiropractors we are offering a free initial consultation and report of findings, so you too can let chiropractic help unleash your inner super hero! So if you know anybody that would benefit chiropractic care, please do bring them in for their free consultation.



Please visit our contact page for location details, opening hours and telephone number. The Health & Vitality Centre is based in Welwyn Garden City and our team look forward to meeting you there!