Stress busting

Stress busting

Stress is one of the most common conditions experienced by people in the UK today. We are all leading very busy and high demand lives and are forgetting to look after ourselves on a daily basis. Stress can lead to physical illnesses as well as being linked to anxiety, depression, alcoholism and obesity. Tackling your stress daily is the most effective way of reducing your stress levels and helps to stop it from building up and getting out of control. Below are some simple ways of getting rid of that stress:

  • WRITE A ‘TO-DO’ LIST ready for the next day, prioritising the most important/urgent tasks first. After writing it down it should help to clear from your head
  • Make sure you get time to RELAX AT HOME, take a bath, watch one of your favourite programmes
  • GET ACTIVE, Physical activity is great to relieve stress and improve your mood. Find an activity that suits you.
  • GET SOME PERSPECTIVE, small things can feel huge when we are stressed. Think about positive things and focus on them.
  • Play some MUSIC that you love and sing!!
  • If there is a specific worry that you have, WRITE IT DOWN and figure out a step by step plan of action.
  • Come and have an adjustment, CHIROPRACTIC CARE gives a healthy spine, creates good blood circulation and relieves muscle tension

If you have any good stress busting tips please share them with us!

By Beth Bull, CA.


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