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"It was my lucky day to meet Paula at a Fair when my back was painful due to slow walking. Some days I felt like a rusted ‘tin man’ but I now know how to control the lower back pain and have never needed to resort to painkillers during this time."


“Health & Vitality Centre has been amazing and very professional with our Family, my Daughter would have not been able to carry on playing rugby if it wasn’t for their help. Staff is very friendly and it didn’t matter who we saw we always receive the same treatment and satisfaction. Highly recommend their services.


"I’ve been driving past the centre for over 20 years, I’ve watched it grow and develop into what it is now.
I have suffered with a bad back for about 30 years now and did nothing about it!
I kept driving past thinking one day I’ll drop in and see what they could be done to help, as the years past my back was slowly was getting worse and worse until one day I finally decided enough is enough.
Well all I can say is I should of done this years ago!
I explained my problem and how I was suffering, I had my consultation, my coarse of treatment was fully explained to me and my step by step plan began.
After my course of treatment by the most kindest most welcoming and professional team, I am happy to say I am suffering no more!
So, if you know someone who is suffering or thinking of treatment send them here they most definitely wont regret it.
I would like to thank everyone at the centre for your kindness professionalism and treatment that has given me back a quality of life."


"Due to some persistent chronic health problems I decided to visit the Health & Vitality Centre for some treatment. I had heard about the clinic from a friend of mine who has also been there. I have been consistently impressed by the high level of service provided with a professional, friendly and experienced chiropractor in Paula."


“I was in constant discomfort, I couldn’t sit comfortably on the train everyday on my commute to work or sit at my desk comfortably. Picking up my baby and holding her for any length of time was very difficult. I could never relax due to that constant niggle of pain.

The treatment has provided long-term pain relief, I feel so much better within myself! I can go to work, exercise again and have a social life without that constant discomfort!”


"I had health issues when I was pregnant and was recommended Chiropractic treatment to help with my back pain. I was signed off work and it was affecting my sleep as well. I was unable to get comfortable whilst laying down and was having to sleep up right with 4 pillows!

This was my third pregnancy, so it was stopping me from joining in on activities with my 2 older children. I am feeling much better now after having my baby, I am more active and are still receiving treatment to maintain the feeling of wellbeing."


Thank you so much for everything you did for me. After seven years of back pain and being told by my consultant not to run and the only thing they could do was burn the nerve endings, you have helped so much. I can now bear to have someone touch my back, get around much better and even lie on my stomach! When I mentioned my neck pain, you immediately looked into it and suggested ways to reduce the pain myself whilst beginning treatment for that.

You were also a pleasure to be around; you were friendly, clear and informative. I felt completely at ease with you as a person and within my treatments. I really felt that you always remembered me, my case, and what we had chatted about it. I also felt that you understood how to get the best out of my appointments – e.g. when you told me to relax, I couldn’t, and you noticed, so you started telling me to go all floppy, and that would work!”


“As an M.S. sufferer who had sustained spinal troubles after a bad fall, I came to Paula for treatment at the end of January this year.

Apart from greatly improved mobility, balance and posture I am thrilled by the fact that arthritis in my upper arms and shoulders, severe enough to waken me in the night have now gone.”


“I came to see Paula after an injury to the ankle as a younger child. My ankle was constantly playing up. My problem was affecting my ability to run, my after-school activities and caused me a lot of pain any time I had to walk for long periods of time. I tried painkillers and massage, but it never seemed to make any lasting difference.

Now I am able to participate more in sports activities with my friends and family walks are enjoyable, not painful. Thank you!”


"Such an amazing service would definitely recommend. I’ve been going since April for chiropractor service which I can’t recommend enough I’ve finally found something which really does help with back pain I’ve had for years now. I’ve been twice now for massage and both times have really helped with the pain I experience on a daily basis. Can’t recommend this service enough. Special shout out to Paula and Molly who are amazing .


"From booking to assessment, reporting and treatment everything has been so simple and smooth. Everyone has been so friendly. All issues were well explained from the assessment and with each treatment explanations are given and further health education and life style suggestions. From a practical sense, easy to locate and park. I highly recommend.


"I am currently being treated for back pain.

I was recommended the health and Vitality Centre from a friend and would definitely recommend again.

All the team are so lovely warm and welcoming. Very helpful. I see Paula who is my chiropractor. She is brilliant informative and makes you feel very at ease.

The waiting room is full of such lovely monthly updated health information but also personal touches of a bit of back ground on the team. Very personalised. It's a lovely friendly calm environment. Thank you."


"I Injured my lower back playing with my Labrador pulling sticks and ropes as he grew up in his first year. It was so bad I could hardly walk, but the Doctors at the centre got me going again after four or five sessions. I know it is quite expansive but I found the cost well worth it and I would recommend this group to anyone."


"I have been coming here for years. The treatment is of the highest quality and the staff always polite and helpful. Recommended."


“Your kindness, professionalism and treatment has given me back a quality of life.”


“They have assisted in transforming my lifestyle for the better.”


“Professional, efficient and friendly.”


“Relaxed atmosphere, helpful and friendly.”


“I can really feel my back improving.”


“I am now able to do normal day to day things which I’m extremely grateful for.”


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