Ten Top Tips For A Healthy Back This Summer

This holiday season we will be thinking about getting away from it all whether its abroad or somewhere in this country.

Whether you have a long drive or off the airport  take care of your back and don’t allow back pain to spoil your break.

Here are some tips to help you avoid causing pain and discomfort that can occur when we are in different environments to normal.

  • Choose suitcases and bags that are lightweight and have wheels. Hard cases can sometimes weigh a lot even with nothing in them.
  • Keep stress levels as low as possible. Going away can be a stressful time for many on the organizing, packing and travelling side. Stress can cause muscular tightness leading to possible discomfort. Try and give yourself plenty of time, help and organization.
  • Try and distribute the weight evenly between cases and bags making them easier to carry.
  •  Bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting the cases. Also try and brace your stomach muscles when lifting to lessen the pressure through the back.
  • Avoid twisting and bending together, especially when lifting weight. These movements put large amounts of pressure on your spine,
  •  If you are flying drink plenty of water during the flight. Avoid alcohol which can cause dehydration which can, in turn, aggravate pain.
  •  If flying try and move around to reduce stiffness, also try and move your  neck , shoulders and feet to improve circulation.
  • If driving to your holiday destination make sure that the car seat is set up for your back, don’t just jump in the car and drive if someone else usually drives your car.
  • Have regular breaks to avoid stiffness and pain. Use your rear view mirror and angle it slightly higher so you have to sit more upright  to get the best view in it.
  • If using sunbeds on holiday make sure you use extra towels on them for extra padding. Only lie for short periods before moving around to around stiffness, especially when lying face down.

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