Avoiding text neck

Avoiding text neck

It’s safe to say we use our phones a lot in modern day society. Probably a lot more than we really should! Little do we know that whilst we are looking downwards and forward for these extended periods of time, that we are actually causing significant harm to our necks. Over-using our neck, back and shoulder muscles creates a lot of strain on our spine This can cause severe and constant pain in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Here are a few facts for you to ponder over!

The facts: 

With an average adult head weighing 10-12 pounds, tilting the head down increases the gravitational pull on the skull. Long-term forward neck posture may lead to long term muscle strain, disc herniation and pinched nerves. The ideal posture is to align your ears with your shoulders! In other words, try and bring your phone level with your face, or if you have to look down then try to look down with just your eyes.

The force exerted on an adult’s head when viewing something at a 60 degree angle is the equivalent of the average weight of an 8 year old! (60 pounds) Now imagine carrying an 8 year old on your shoulders every time you look down to text!

The risk factors:

Overtime there are several risks that ‘text neck’ can lead to. It can cause early wear and tear on the spine, Straightening of the spine’s natural curve, chronic neck and back pain, spinal disc compression, onset of early arthritis and in severe cases it can even lead to surgery.

The fix: 

The best way to fix or avoid the dreaded ‘text neck’ is to make a few casual lifestyle changes. These can be subtle but help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Try setting boundaries and limit the time spent on your mobile phone. Think about cutting it out at meal times and whilst you’re in bed at night. Another fix is to maintain a neutral spine whenever you are using technology. Keep your back as straight as possible and try to consider how you posture may be effecting your health! Although the phrase ‘text neck’ has a light and not-so-serious tone to it, it’s something that is in fact a serious issue but luckily having chiropractic care can help.

Do you suffer with ‘Text neck’? Have you considered limiting the time spent on your mobile phone?


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