The Marathon

By the time they cross the finish line in a marathon, the average runner will be about one centimetre shorter than when they started. A centimetre! If, like me, you are vertically challenged and can’t really afford to lose even a mm you’ll steer clear of endurance running. Not everyone however, is as worried of being shorter than the average Oompa Lumpa and every year around 30,000 people run the London marathon. Running is a very high-impact of activities with each stride, you take a shock equivalent to up to five times your body weight reverberating up your legs and into your spine. Repetitive pounding causes muscles to tighten and vertebrae to compress, which will can cause pain and poor function due to the compression of the nerves. This is why we have a number of runners coming to see us on a regular basis who all agree that not only does chiropractic treatment (here at Hertfordshire’s finest chiropractor!) aid in their recovery it also improves performance.

There are a number of benefits that come along with running too, improved cardiovascular fitness, lowering of body fat % and increased bone to name but a few. So if you are running this weekend good luck and make sure to recover in the right way and if not sit back and enjoy it!

(and make sure you train as hard as ol Rog)


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