Top Tips For A Healthy Brain

Top Tips For A Healthy Brain





You brain controls everything from your heart rate, mood and gait. That is why it is so important to keep it functioning well. 


Think of the brain as local boy formula one racer Lewis Hamilton’s engine in his race car, it needs to be in the best shape and fuelled with premium fuel for him to win the race, much like brains that need to be rested and well energised to work at their optimum.


Food is an essential part of keeping the brain healthy. Good foods for the brain include; salmon, avocados, eggs and leafy vegetables. These foods have all been scientifically proven to help brain function by protecting cells in the brain such as glial cells that help remove waste products. Keeping sugar levels balanced is important as spikes in glucose levels can inflame the brain.


Sleep is vital for the brain to work properly; this is also the time that the brain does its ‘spring clean’ so whilst you are sleeping a chemical in your brain that creates memories is most active.  A way to make sure you have a vital amount of sleep is to get into a routine, avoid stimulants such as caffeine before bed and to sleep in a dark cool room. Many studies have linked poor sleep to increased levels of a protein called beta-amyloid which interferes with sleep and so affecting productivity of the brain.


Keeping your brain engaged frequently, it’s important to stimulate your brain regularly as research indicates it is able to learn and store new information throughout life. This is key to help prevent deterioration and forgetfulness. Preventing isolation is also key as our brains thrive on being social in face to face communications.


Stress can affect the brain as it can prevent nerve cell growth and shrink the hippocampus which is responsible for memory. Elevating stress by having time to relax and have fun as this can help to prevent stress, introduce breathing techniques such as deep breathing will help with stress levels and will get increased oxygen to the brain.

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By Paige Barnard


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