What To Expect

It is important to us to give you the best experience in our centre as possible, so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of care by feeling better and staying that way!

On your first visit a thorough health history neurological and orthopaedic examination is carried out. Postural pictures are also taken.

This information then will be assessed and analysed to enable us to reach a diagnosis. A tailored treatment plan for you will be designed specifically to give the best results from care.

A report of the findings and details of the treatment plan will then be discussed with you. The number of sessions required for each guest will be dependent on the severity and chronicity of your case and what you would like to achieve for your long-term health.

Safe and effective treatment will commence using a variety of techniques gathered over 13 years of experience within the profession.Ongoing advice on ergonomics, exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and posture to support you on your pathway back to health.

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