Why Do We Experience Pain?

Why Do We Experience Pain?

Even when under care? What is Our Body Telling Us?


As Chiropractors we maximize the health of the spine and the nervous system, hence making sure it’s the best it can be! But no matter how good our alignment is and how well our nervous system is functioning, if we do things that our body doesn’t want us to do, like sitting for 8 hours straight or doing a lot of repetitive bending or lifting we will experience pain and discomfort, and that is because our body has a really important feedback mechanism to let us know that we are damaging ourselves. If Chiropractic was to inhibit completely your pain, you would sit all day long in the worst possible postures and do all sort of things that could damage the spine, and end up with extensive spinal damage. It would be like preventing you from feeling pain when putting your hand on fire!

Pain is always indicating us that there is something we need to change about the way we move, exercise, work, sit, lifestyle etc. Being under Chiropractic care will make your spine much more healthy, flexible and adaptable to stress, which are all amazing benefits. A Chiropractor is able to understand where your body is under strain and how it needs to be realigned, which means remove the tension that is pulling in your body and restoring joint and nervous system function!

What being under Chiropractic care will not do for you is to be completely immune to pain, like being on very strong painkillers can do. I am sure this is not what you want as you do not want to be masking the symptoms telling you that something is wrong. This is not health as we are not feeling anymore what our body needs and wants.

Please take notice of what your body is telling you and treat it with the respect that it deserves. Take notice of those voices from your body and keep healthy.

 By Pietro Gandi


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