Workshop Dates

We have 3 Workshops planned this April / May. All will be held via Zoom, with a maximum group size of 10 to maximise value for attendees.

Let's talk about stress

I think we can all agree that stress levels have been massively impacted during the last year. We will all likely have strategies that help us when things get tough – but many of these may no longer work for us, due to the restrictions placed on us during this lockdown.


If you would like to explore more about the impacts of stress, the warning signs to look out for and learn new strategies and techniques to help you manage stress as we progress out of Lockdown, why not attend this 90-minute bitesize session.


Dates – Saturday 24th April 2pm & Tuesday 27th April 7pm


Life after lockdown

In this 90-minute session you will explore what is currently draining your own energy and wellbeing, focusing on what you can do to increase this as we continue the journey out of lockdown.


Tips, techniques and strategies will be shared to help you start to thrive – rather than simply survive.


Dates – Wednesday 5th May 7pm & Saturday 8th May 2pm

Fuel - the building blocks to wellbeing

This 90-minute session centres around the training regime by the Military Academy at Sandhurst – Pattern of Renewal:  Move, Eat, Sleep, Relax & Connect.

These are the building blocks to Wellbeing and this ‘fuel’ feeds us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Practice Manager and Wellbeing and Resilience trainer Laura, will guide you through this session, sharing her expertise with you to help you to manage your stress levels better. The session will be highly interactive, with a maximum group size of 9 to ensure optimum value gained.

Dates – Wednesday 12th May 7pm & Saturday 15th May 2pm

We would like to offer you a discount on your first session – normally priced at £60 each, we are offering a reduced rate of £40.

We are also offering a further reduction for booking all 3 - just £120 for 4 1/2 hours of dedicated wellbeing training! That’s over 30% reduction!