Your Brain

Your Brain

It’s brain awareness week this week (16-22nd march) so we’ve got a little bit of information to help with the understanding of the brain and how it functions

Your Brain – Constantly receives millions of bits of sensory information from your 5 external senses and loads of internal body sensors, this lets you know about what’s going on in your environment and inside your body.

Brain Meets Spine – The top of your neck is extremely important as your brain and spinal cord anchor into the bones of the upper neck. Problems with the joints at the top of the neck directly affect brain function and the health of your whole body. Your whole body is constantly sending messages about your internal and external environment to your brain – 70 trillion messages a second! Our job is to make sure there is no interference to these messages so that you can reach your full health and fitness potential. Interference free processing of sensory information in the brain is vital for health and optimal growth and development in babies and childrenBrainAwarenessCartoon1Compressed

Connecting Body and Mind – Stressful or negative thoughts in the mind immediately affect how you hold your body and the workings of your hormones and organs.  In the same way ‘negative body thoughts’ i.e. lack of exercise and movement, directly affect brain function.  Your brain requires exercise and normal spinal movement for optimal function every day.


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