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Our practice is thriving and family orientated. Providing nurturing, loving and supportive care throughout your lifetime. We pride ourselves as being an important pillar in the community and we joyfully build warm relationships with all that are drawn to us. With an abundance of energy we touch the lives of as many people as we can.

Why Live in Pain – Improve Your Quality of Life by Feeling Better & Staying that Way!

For Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Welwyn, Knebworth, Stevenage, Hertford, St Albans and surrounding areas.

paula garciaLiving in pain can be draining, depressing and debilitating, when struggling with normal daily activities like getting dressed in the morning, getting to work, dressing or lifting the children, housework and even for some sitting and sleeping, help is at hand. Here at Herts Beds Chiropractic clinic we offer you chiropractic treatment that could make these activities easier and you feel better, in a professional and relaxed environment.

If you or someone that you know is struggling with pain, whether it is low back pain, neck pain, migraines, road accident associated pain, arthritic pain in hips or knees chiropractic may be just what you have been looking for.Our gentle, safe and effective techniques are hands on, without the use of medication and can help with many conditions, not just the ones listed above. Our techniques can be effective on any age range, from babies to the more mature, from builders to office workers. Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic careand feel better today. Here at Herts Beds Chiropractic our chiropractor Paula Garcia is committed to giving the best care and treatment programme to each individual. It is our commitment to get to the source of the problem and not just treat the symptoms, allowing your body to heal naturally without the use of drugs.


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Our practice is a thriving family oriented centre, providing nurturing, loving and supportive care throughout your lifetime

We pride ourselves in being an important pillar of the community and we joyfully build warm relationships with all that are drawn to us.

With an abundance of energy we touch the lives of as many people as we can with the power of chiropractic.


Seven months ago I had a reoccurring low back and hip problem from years of playing high level squash. I was referred by a player in my league who had also had treatment at Back to Back clinic with Paula. Following a period of regular chiropractic treatment and advice on exercise, nutrition and ergonomics I am back playing squash pain free and feeling ten years younger! Thanks Paula. Mr R Pinner

Why Sitting is Bad for You

Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around. Are our bodies built for such a sedentary existence.

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